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A music playlist tool for businesses

Our B2B playlisting solution gives you peace of mind when it comes to using music tracks legally for your business.

Whether you’re a gym instructor, a music content managers or run a music streaming service, we remove the risk of inadvertently creating playlists that include tracks not covered by your licensing agreements.

Our smart tools make content and playlist curation quick and easy compared to using a consumer based streaming service. Whether you want to stream it, download the files, or sync it to videos, we have a solution.

Never be in breach with your licensing agreements

We enable your team to create playlists that are 100% in line with your record labels and publishing agreements. 

Catalogue compliance
At time of curation, your gym instructors or content managers can only see the catalogue for which you have cleared rights.
Flag takedowns
You can receive alerts when the rights for a song that is used in your playlist has changed. Use our advanced search tool and system to come up with new song suggestions (similar length, same BPM, similar genre) so you can easily update your VOD.
Reporting to rights holders
Tuned Global manages the complexity of multi-territory licensing and usage reports to labels and publishers, so you can focus on the user experience.

We are integrated with Crunch Digital, HFA (Rumblefish), and MRI (Music Reports) to take it a step further. They manage financial reconciliation reports and provide an additional level of AI when matching label and publisher data.

Use Tuned Global’s smart tools to fast-track your playlist creation

Using our advanced search, content managers have been able to significantly decrease the time they spend curating playlists. What could take up to 10 hours in the past, now takes less than 3 hours with Tuned Global’s music curation tool .


  • Power Search allows you to filter tracks by artists, key, genre, BPM, gender, decades and more.
  • Our integration with the music AI tool Musiio brings that a step further, allowing curators to search by mood, themes, instruments, gender or using a seed track to find similar sounds.
  • Super HiFi integration allows you to access their advanced AI technology to curate and stitch together any type of audio content in real-time.
Case Study

How Psycle delivers highly engaging digital workouts by providing a powerful music playlisting app to their fitness instructors

Psycle is a fitness brand with several studios and an online service. We provided them with a playlist app for their 70+ instructors, supporting the use of music within their digital fitness classes. Our white-label music streaming app for fitness allows them to create tailored playlists from a licensed repertoire and the option to customise certain features such as BPM or crossfade.



The flexibility to use your playlists as you wish

Our B2B playlisting tool is accessible on desktop via our Autotune CMS or via a dedicated app that you can distribute to your instructors and content managers. You can stream your playlists, download them, sync them with your video or even live stream in your venues.

b2b playlist app for fitness and busines

A brandable playlisting app - It is like your own internal Spotify or Apple Music, customised to you. Create playlists via the CMS and share them in the app with your instructors or team members. They can also create their own private and public playlists using the app-based Power Search.

When it’s time to use this playlist, stream the music from the app as background music or sync it into your video production system if you are live streaming a fitness class or recording a VOD.
b2b playlist software for desktop

Playlist tool for desktop - If you don’t need an app, you can access these B2B playlist creation tools via our Autotune CMS and download the playlists to be used where you need it or access them demand via API.

Background Music businesses can use our Plaidio feature to play a playlist live - like a Radio - in all their stores or venues, via URL.


For more information and a demo of our playlisting app for fitness and businesses, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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