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Simplifying Music Licensing

Growing a platform requires content – but the work that goes into getting that content onto your platform can be more complex than you might first think. Typically, there is a lot of work that has to happen behind the scenes in order to make sure that your audience has access to the content they want.

Licensing is one aspect of that work, and for aspiring platform runners, it can be a real sticking point – as there isn’t any one cut and dry answer. The good news is though, the team here at Tuned Global can help you navigate the complexities of music licensing. We help you understand the licensing process and can introduce you to music licensing experts that will help you navigate the legals, your content strategy and the negotiations with content owners. Ultimately, Tuned Global clients' make the necessary decisions based on their needs.

Expert guidance on music licensing for Streaming

Music licensing can be a complex exercise for companies both new and established. Particularly if you’re trying to get a new platform off the ground, the task can quickly start to feel overwhelming. Whether it’s a knowledge gap, a reluctance to commit to long-term in-house licensing resources, or you’re working to a timeline – Tuned Global is here to help you bridge that gap. We can make the tricky business of music licensing simple, drawing on our years of industry experience to make short work of getting the music you want on your platform.

Build your platform, service, project with Tuned Global

Tuned Global is here to help you build your music streaming platform. When it comes to navigating the complexities of music licensing, app development, robust backend, content delivery, there is some important groundwork to be done. Whether you’re just starting out and want it done right from the outset, or you’ve started to grow and want guidance on handling that growth productively – we’re here to help you.

Music licensing advice – Tailored to where and how your platform works

Music licenses are not necessarily universal (e.g. blanket license). Which means that you have to consider both how and where your listeners are going to be enjoying the content you have on your platform. Tuned Global can help you reduce the friction that so many fledgling music platforms feel through this process by helping you understand what is required, account for the processes and expense of acquiring licenses, and generating a sustainable framework for handling content on an ongoing basis. We have a team of licensing experts that can assist.

Country Specific Advice - Tuned Global can provide you with advice that specifically addresses the licensing requirements of the content you want on your platform by country or region. We can also help you ensure that you’re developing arrangements that will see your platform built to grow into new regions as new listeners adopt your platform.

Facilitation & Negotiations - We’ll help you by facilitating the introductions with the people who own the rights to the music you want on your platform, and helping you understand the cards you hold in licensing negotiations.

#1 Build your business case (Return On Investment)

We’ll help you ensure that you’re building the sort of service that will achieve stability quickly, and keep the doors open for future growth down the track.

#2 Develop reporting and payments infrastructure

We can work with you to help build a business that can accommodate the complexities and demands of music licensing arrangements as you monetise your platform.

#3 Develop strong relationships with your licensees

We assist in reporting usage, streams and market share to publishers and music rights holders on your behalf. We make things transparent for the brands, the artists and copyright holders.


We can help you navigate the complexities of licensing for your music streaming app

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