Automated delivery of music catalogues into your digital platform


Building a service that includes a great music experience takes work. Even once the development is done and music licenses are signed off, plenty of developers struggle to get fresh content from record labels up and running on their service. A Content Delivery service from a music backend provider like Tuned Global automates catalogue ingestion and real-time music availability in line with your licensing agreements.


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A living and breathing music database

Tuned Global can help your organisation add commercial music into an existing platform. The quiet champion of our offering is the programming we use to automate the ingestion and delivery of millions of tracks, metadata, and other assets.

We can ingest at greater than 2 million tracks per day for services that require mega fast delivery and go to market. Additionally, Tuned Global provides its clients with near instant catalogue updates on new releases, takedowns and updates. 

You will be able to offer your users new releases on time and your content feed will always be in line with your licensing agreements.

Access a worldwide music catalogue

Whether sourcing content from major international labels or local independents, Tuned Global has you covered worldwide. With a growing catalogue of over 100 million tracks in our system we certainly already have what you are after. If not, we will work with any new rights' holders and record labels that you have licensed.

We ingest music  and video content and process multiple delivery formats into a single and standard metadata format.  This includes managing all the analysis of rights from a labels metadata feed - and connecting this with Publishing clearances if required.

Fast music content delivery 

Using our music ingestion software called INTAGA, we can facilitate a quick and seamless experience for your users – providing the means to automate the asset management that fuels your platform. We offer effective ways for you to:

  • Automate the ingestion and delivery of millions of tracks per day
  • Manage content rights and licensing by territory
  • Access enriched metadata (BPM, key, etc,.. on top of as standard music metadata)
  • Report to rights holders (Record Labels, PROs, 3rd Parties etc)
  • Enable full length and preview clip streaming
  • Choose to not store any assets and use our CDNs to deliver to end users
  • Manage data transformation and dynamic asset creation
  • Save significant dollars vs building teams to manage all this internally

Line Music Japan delivers +100 million tracks and fresh music every day to +13 million users

Tuned Global’s content Delivery service enabled Line Music, Japan's biggest domestic streaming service, to ingest millions of tracks in 24-hour at the start. Now it provides instant music and video catalogue updates on new releases, takedowns and re-deliveries and simplifies rights-holder and royalty reporting, streamlining Line Music's operations for over seven years

The Music APIs and a Metadata feed that your developers need

Our Music Content Delivery Service is for clients who need to access metadata and assets, and feed that information into their own system.

This music feed is in a JSON format. Regardless of how we receive data from different labels we flatten this information into a simplified structure that identifies all the information about a release.  We enrich the provided metadata with additional information that we scan or via integration with third parties.  

If we are delivering the assets to your end-user, then this content fulfilment service comes with a set of simple Asset Delivery APIs to access the assets, search and log play information so we can handle your reporting. For more advanced functionality you can access our 500+ advanced streaming service APIs.

  • Tens of millions of tracks available (subject to licensing)
  • Robust scalable systems providing you with enterprise reliability
  • Publishing Information via integration with Blokur, MRI, Crunch Digital or HFA 
  • We simplify complex DDEX or other structures into a single standard JSON feed
  • Support digital formats from FLAC and MP3, through to AAC,  HLS and fMP4
  • Asset Delivery APIs: Access to images in any size, previews, full length audio or video.  Add an Advanced Search and Log play data for Tuned Global to produce Rights Holders Reports.
  • Content Filtering: We can filter the content you receive by not only licensed label but sub label, genre or territory.  You only store, and pay, for what you need.  Classical only from a 15M track label - we have that covered.


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