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Streaming Content Delivery

If you’ve been working to develop your very own music streaming platform, you’ll know that creating brilliant experiences for your audience takes work. But even once the hard yards are done in development, we’ve found that plenty of developers find themselves struggling to get fresh content from Records Labels up and running on their platform.

Launch and grow your platform with the support of Tuned Global. We provide white labelled or API solutions that cut down drastically on your time to market – and put excellent streaming experiences in the hands of your listeners. And one of the most pivotal details in any project is content delivery

Develop a living and breathing database

Tuned Global is home to a different breed of makers. We can help your organisation take an existing platform, or even just an idea, and carry it through to execution and beyond. The quiet champion of our offering is the programming we use to automate the reception and delivery of millions of tracks, metadata, and other assets. Tuned Global provides its clients with instant catalogue updates on new releases, takedowns and re-deliveries.

Music catalogue software

Platforms created with Tuned Global are capable of taking in massive volumes of incoming files, over 1 million tracks per day, which is quite unique in the market. Using our software called INTAGA, we can facilitate a quick and seamless experience for your listeners – providing the means to automate the asset management that fuels your platform.

Fast music content delivery 

Using our INTAGA technology lets us create effective ways for you to:
  • Automate the ingestion and delivery of millions of tracks per day
  • Manage content rights and licensing by territory
  • Access enriched metadata (BPM, keys, energy,... as well as the standard music metadata) to facilitate search and discovery
  • Report to rights holders (Record Labels, PROs etc) and analytics tools
  • Generate user driven queue management
  • Enable full length and preview clip streaming
  • Manage data transformation and dynamic asset creation

Our Content Delivery API’s are available to meet your needs


Whether sourcing content from major international labels or local independents, Tuned Global has you covered. The platforms we build are capable of supporting any and all digital formats from FLAC and MP3, through to lesser known AAC HLS and DASH – and can make new releases available to your listeners in a matter of hours.

Coupled with our ability to ingest new catalogues at a rate of over 1 million tracks per day, you’ll have no trouble sourcing and facilitating great listening and viewing experiences via our fast supply chain. With Tuned Global, you’ll have the support you need to scale along with your audience as it grows.


Case Study: Line Music Japan

The unique capabilities of INTAGA technology  enabled Line Music, a leading music streaming service in Japan, to ingest millions of new tracks over a 24-hour period.
This process would have taken close to a month based on their previous projected turn-around.

We can generate effective and reliable music content delivery and metadata for your platform

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