AutomixIQ: Seamless Beats, Endless Journeys


In the competitive digital music landscape, AutomixIQ sets your service apart by transforming music playback into an immersive, gapless experience.
Seamlessly integrate our SDK into any Android or iOS music app to elevate ordinary playlists from your catalogue into continuous musical journeys.


Enhance your music streaming experience with seamless transitions

Unlike standard song crossfades, AutomixIQ intelligently mixes songs to produce a seamless blend, creating an experience akin to that of a professional DJ. By addressing critical challenges faced by traditional music streaming services AutomixIQ ensures a seamless and engaging listening experience, ultimately enhancing user satisfaction and retention.

Less disruption, more engagement

Traditional streaming services often have gaps or abrupt changes between songs, disrupting the listening experience and making users aware that it is time to turn music off. By providing a nonstop music experience, AutomixIQ encourages longer listening sessions.

Smooth transitions, enhanced user experience

Traditional fade-in/out crossfades make transitions between tracks feel jarring when songs have different tempos, keys or vocals. AutomixIQ ensures that each transition is smooth and musically harmonious to maintain the mood and rhythm during listening sessions.

Product differentiation to be competitive

In a crowded music streaming market, innovative features keep users engaged and subscribed. By adding AutomixIQ to your feature set you demonstrate cutting-edge technology, attracting users seeking superior music experiences.

Quality mixes for higher paid user conversion

Mixes, highly popular on platforms like YouTube but crafting seamless flawless mixes typically requires professional DJ skills and equipment. Your users too love mixes, and AutomixIQ gives them a new reason to pay for your Premium Tier.

Cutting-Edge Pacemaker® Technology

Utilising cutting-edge Pacemaker® Technology, AutomixIQ analyses beats, loudness, vocals, and more to create the perfect transition without generating derivative works.
AutomixIQ automates the music mixing process, allowing users to enjoy high-quality mixes without any manual effort. This makes it ideal for both casual listeners and professional settings.


About Pacemaker®

Pacemaker® was a groundbreaking device and app that allowed users to mix music like a DJ, leveraging a vast library of millions of tracks. Known for its award-winning innovation and patented technology, it received numerous accolades, including an Apple Design Award, and was beloved by its users.

In 2023, Tuned Global acquired the technology to make it available as an SDK to businesses with a music streaming component, enhancing music experiences and boosting user engagement.


Flexible, Scalable, and Compliant

AutomixIQ is a sophisticated software development kit (SDK) that enhances any music application –  not only the ones powered by Tuned Global's streaming technology – by enabling state-of-the-art smooth transitions between tracks. From a technical or music licensing perspective, we make integrating into your music experience and your own catalogue easy.


SDK Integration

Integrating AutomixIQ into your service is straightforward. Available for both Android and iOS platforms, the SDK can be easily incorporated into existing applications, allowing users to activate the feature effortlessly. Once enabled, AutomixIQ operates autonomously, enhancing every playlist without user intervention.

Rightholders friendly

AutomixIQ will use the licensed tracks already available in the music streaming service or app. It uses proprietary technology that handles song transitions without creating derivative musical works, which removes licensing issues related to song remixing.
The actual song transition is played live during playback and is not saved to the device or recorded.

Top use cases

Music Streaming Services
Integrate AutomixIQ with any DSP’s music catalogue to provide a differentiated listening experience that keeps subscribers engaged and satisfied.
Background Music Services
Use AutomixIQ within your existing playlists for restaurants, retail stores, and other business environments to maintain an ambient musical atmosphere.
Fitness and wellness
Provide fitness creators with seamless song transitions and powerful mixes that keep participants engaged and motivated during workouts, both in-person and virtual.
Digital radio
Enhance your traditional and digital radio services with intelligent song transitions, providing a smooth listening experience and engaging your audience with professional-quality mixes.

AutomixIQ offers a differentiated feature that can increase user satisfaction and listening time, supporting the conversion of free users to paid subscribers and retention


AutomixIQ vs. Human DJ

A Turing test* comparing AutomixIQ mixes to those by Steve Aoki, using the same tracks, showed nearly indistinguishable results, proving the high quality of our technology.

Mixes were marked on their likelihood of being mixed by "a skilled human DJ" and on the quality of the transition scaled 1 to 10. Steve Aoki won, but only by a whisker. Just 3.5% more human and only 0.1 mark out of 10 (1%) higher quality.

* Carried out on Amazon's Mechanical Turk service with 100 participants

Don't let your service just play music. Let it perform.
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