A global catalogue of music and metadata, served by a robust and scalable backend technology designed for streaming needs

What makes us different in the B2B music tech market? It is our innovative backend technology for streaming services.

Thanks to our next generation cloud based infrastructure the streaming services we provide can scale on-demand while we can ingest millions of tracks in a short period of time, all while providing optimized  performance.

Our clients choose to work with us because they know that the music streaming technology we provide ensures that they have the tools they need to create a secure & robust platform that can scale with them as they grow.

Take a look below to gain insight into the music streaming technology we can build into your platform.


MUSIC DNA - A multi-territory recommendation engine using AI

We enhance the user experience by providing music suggestions that are relevant and targeted to each listener's preferences. Music DNA is our own algorithm which we developed to provide better user engagement, even in metadata-poor markets. The more it is used the more the accurate the recommendations that we provide.

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INTELLIX – Grow cost-effectively with a scalable infrastructure

We use the same IT Infrastructure provider - Amazon Web Services (AWS) that hosts popular streaming businesses like Spotify and Netflix. Tuned Global’s next generation cloud system offers automated scalability to allow you to remain competitive in a fast-expanding streaming era.

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AUTOTUNE CMS – Manage your service front-end and catalogue

The CMS (Content Management System) provided with our white label streaming applications is the heart of how our clients are able to manage their service. Utilising our CMS, you can customise your applications in real time, including the editorial, the content catalogue and your users.

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RAPPORT - Reporting to right holders & analytics

Tuned Global manages recorded rights and publishing usage reporting per territory on your behalf. Our own Core Activity Reporting software auto generates these reports in a format approved by the industry. Our Analytics dashboard will also provide you with insights on the performances of your services.

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INTAGA – The smarter approach to music catalogue management

Our music catalogue is managed by our own software. It provides queue management, ingestion, data transformation and asset creation. Tuned Global is able to ingest a massive volume of incoming assets from record labels and deliver content in the appropriate format to our clients.

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A Powerful Streaming API set

We use APIs to power our white label music platform but it can be opened to clients who need to build their own streaming service or to add streaming capabilities & features in their existing platform.

Our music streaming APIs are built around 4 specific pillars: Metadata, Streaming Services, Authentication and Management.
This is a fully documented RESTful APIs with a modern Swagger interface and all the functionality required to build and manage a music, audio and video streaming service, they are also OWASP compliant.

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