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Tuned Global have partnered with a number of leading brands and labels who have used the #PowerOfMusic to engage customers and drive positive business impact.

Our typical clients are enterprises with large audiences. They want to provide value for their customers, while gathering deeper data and monetising, and we take pride in delivering business success for them by combining creative digital ideas with a sophisticated technology platform and music

TrueID app is a gateway to a wide variety of quality digital content including movies, TV, news, music, sports, travel, and privileges.


Music Streaming APIs - Telco
True Digital Group, a division of Thailand’s largest telco wanted to add a better music offer to their TrueID entertainment app. Using Tuned Global’s music streaming APIs and app source code, they were able to fully integrate a music streaming service in their existing app including functionality such as user management, search, and recommendations. Within 3 months the MAU and user engagement were starting to increase.

Your own virtual record label! Sign artists, pick hit songs, and redeem royalties for licensed artist merch


Music Streaming APIs - Gaming app
FanLabel is a fantasy record app whose stakeholders include all three majors. Tuned Global helped them migrate their backend technology whilst delivering access to millions of tracks from participating labels with enriched metadata and territorial rights. Using our content delivery and ingestion platform, they now benefit from instant catalogue updates on new releases, takedowns and re-deliveries.

Psycle at home - Find the right class for your vibe right now


Turnkey Branded app - Fitness app
Psycle is a gym and home fitness brand in the UK with several studios and an online service. Tuned Global provided them with a playlist app for the home fitness brand’s 70+ instructors supporting the use of music within their digital fitness classes. Our white label streaming app for fitness allows them to create tailored playlists from a licensed repertoire and the option to customise certain features such as BPM or crossfade.

The 1st Chilean Music Streaming App, with more than 130,000 songs of all styles, regions and times


Turnkey Branded app - Streaming Service
PortalDisc is the first 100% Chilean music streaming service. Using Tuned Global's white label music and audio streaming platform, they were able to launch in a very short time frame with advanced music streaming features. The app offers a fully localised experience, covering the full range of the country’s musical styles, geographical regions and historical eras in a way that mass international streaming services can’t do.



Turnkey Branded App - Audiobook service
Sony Music Germany launched Hörspiel Player, an audio play streaming application for children. Audio plays are pretty similar to an audio book, only with several actors playing the story. The app was developed with the Tuned Global “Don’t Think Just Play” philosophy in mind. The idea is to offer the best streaming service for audio plays, making it very easy for children to use and to find stories they like.


Create mixes with millions of tracks and share your vibe with friends! Pacemaker's AI DJ technology empowers you to mix and mash the music you love.


Streaming APIs - Music DJ app
Pacemaker is the world’s first DJ app. Initially integrated with Spotify, Pacemaker selected Tuned Global as their B2B music technology provider, to help deliver directly licensed music. We provided Pacemaker with a backend technical platform  that includes content delivery and ingestion of files from records labels, a scalable streaming infrastructure, HFA integration for managing publishing rights and access to our suite of Streaming APIs.


The exclusive on-demand entertainment streaming app from the Caribbean and Latin America. Discover millions of songs and hundreds of artists you will fall in love with.


Turnkey Branded app - Streaming Service
TrackDrip is an on-demand music streaming app dedicated to local artists, serving audio, video and User Generated Content (UGC). The service has a free tier and a premium subscription option for those who want offline access. TrackDrip is now available to listeners across the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as parts of Europe. It utilises Tuned Global's full turnkey streaming solution.


The first global music streaming service dedicated to Pan African Music


Turnkey Branded app - Streaming Service
Deedo is an exclusive Pan-African music streaming service with a selection of +8M tracks. With a percentage of subscriptions supporting local NGOs, the service is available in Africa and parts of Europe. Tuned Global has provided Deedo with a great range of features: hundreds of music playlists, personalised playlists, offline capabilities, live concerts and a number of bespoke elements.


The Singing Pizza by Pizza Hut - Eat, Sing, Enjoy. The first ever Pizza in the world that sings.


Turnkey Branded app - Brand Music Campaign
The Singing Pizza turned a regular pizza box into a music box! With a box that plays music when combined with the app, and a range of vibrant designs, Pizza Hut collaborated with Universal Music Malaysia and Tuned Global to create a truly memorable music-food experience for customers. The app allowed a great, first of its kind, "phygital" execution. Pizza and Music - it just works, right?


Create and share music videos with the official Ed Sheeran App, ED NO.6


UGC for artists - Social app 
Warner Music Australia tapped Tuned Global to launch a dedicated UGC (User Generated Content) app for Ed Sheeran. The resulting app, titled ‘Ed No. 6,’ allowed fans to create and share their own videos to Sheeran’s licensed music, resulting in a thriving, directly-controlled ecosystem of superfans. Create epic Selfies, create your own dances, sing along with friends and share all of this on social media.


Leading music streaming service in Japan


Content delivery - Streaming Service
LINE, a world-wide messenger service, was on the lookout for an experienced music technology company with strong music label relationships and a robust and highly scalable platform to beef up its music catalog for its Line Music product. Tuned Global were able to ingest a massive volume of incoming files from labels in a very short time frame and deliver content in the appropriate format to LINE MUSIC. 


Don't think Just Play - only for Indonesians


Turnkey Branded app -Streaming Service
Nada Kita, an Indonesian internet radio app, was launched by Tuned Global together with the largest local labels in the country. The first free music app to connect Indonesian people to local artists, Nada Kita gives users unlimited free access to their favourite local music without consuming a lot of mobile data. A set of ad packages allows brands to target users and the record labels to monetise the audience.


An exclusive music app made for Idea Vodafone subscribers to access +3 million songs


Music Streaming APIs - Telco
Idea Vodafone Music is an on-demand music streaming app for the Indian market. The Telco provides this music service to users as part of their mobile plan to differentiate their offer and acquire / retain their customers, with something they love, music. Using multiple languages and content categorised per region, it was implemented using Tuned Global’s Music APIs and a bespoke frontend.


A full music experience for all Samsung customers in Australia


Turnkey Branded app - OEM
Music Hub was a full music streaming service bundled with all Samsung Mobile & Audio Visual devices. It was a huge product differentiator for Samsung Australia that helped to drive customer acquisition, boost sales and increase loyalty. Music Hub had more paid subscribers in Australia than all other Samsung music services in the rest of the world combined! It used Tuned Global's white label music streaming solution.


The hottest music streaming application - Made for the Pacific


Turnkey Branded app - Telco
Mjams was launched in the Pacific Islands through the telco Our Telekom. This mobile programmatic radio streaming app features the hottest artists, albums and tracks from local musicians and has become a leading online platform for the music industry in the Solomons. Users don't waste time building music playlists  anymore as they can access hundreds of music mixes. It is built with Tuned Global's turnkey music solution. 


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