The APIs that fast-track your music, audio & video streaming projects


We make it simple to create your own music streaming app or integrate music, audio or video into your existing digital service thanks to our Streaming and Music APIs for businesses.

Our years of experience as a development company for streaming services have allowed us to deploy a full suite of streaming service APIs for developers to leverage to level up their users' experience.


They've used our Streaming Service APIs


The pillars of building a streaming software architecture that delivers

Whether you already have a service up and running or just starting, using field-tested audio, video, and music streaming-specific APIs is a smart strategy for mitigating uncertainty and minimising risks. We can help you ensure that your platform has the following:

  • Access to over 100M tracks from majors and indie labels*
  • Plug-and-play streaming service functionalities
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Reliable rights management and reporting
  • Effective user and service management

* upon licensing


Upgrade user experiences with streaming APIs

Our Advanced API solutions cater to companies that are developing their own front-ends but do not want to build the infrastructure or API solutions for the music and streaming component of their product. While each platform is unique, there are standard features most aim to incorporate. Access over 500 streaming service APIs that provide similar functionality to Spotify. These APIs have user context and can be harnessed to deliver an engaging user experience, including:

  • Listening journey: personalised radio, playlists, favourites, offline play, and more.
  • Multimedia content: music, videos, live streams, podcasts, audiobooks, radio, and UGC (user-generated content).
  • Analytics-driven recommendations and search capabilities

Operate your service and manage your catalogue 

This API solution comes with Tuned Global's CMS, AutoTune. This intuitive software application allows you to oversee your service independently. The features include:

  • Tagging and grouping of products (e.g. Albums, Playlists, Stations, Songs, Podcasts etc)
  • Analysis of new products
  • Analytics view of playback data
  • Review of user history
  • Capability to curate and manage system playlists or radio stations
  • Creation and management of plans and subscriptions

This represents just a glimpse of the capabilities of the CMS, which effectively empowers you to manage the outputs of many of your APIs and enables comprehensive application management.


Reactional Music enables interactive music playback in all types of games across all platforms, consoles, and connected devices.

Acting as their music backend provider, Tuned Global powers the delivery of worldwide rights-cleared music catalogue to the Reactional Music’s global music delivery platform for games development. Coupled with Tuned Global’s Music APIs it opens a new era in music personalisation for gamers and for music search, curation and acquisition.


Telco True Digital added music to their app and saved a year lead time by integrating with a Streaming Service API

True Digital Group, a division of Thailand’s largest telco wanted to add a better music offer to their TrueID entertainment app. Using Tuned Global’s music streaming APIs and app source code, they were able to fully integrate a music streaming service in their existing app including functionality such as user management, search, and recommendations. Within 3 months the MAU and user engagement were starting to increase.

MediMusic - NHS - Tuned Global Music for health

MediMusic has developed a revolutionary technology that prescribes music as medicine to reduce pain and anxiety

Tuned Global is the driving force behind the music offerings of MediMusic. Their proprietary algorithms extract the relevant features from a piece of music, resulting in a fingerprint for healthcare use. Tuned Global provide metadata, music content, and streaming service functionality via its full suite of APIs. This also includes essential reporting to rightsholders and a content management system to help MediMusic curators.

The APIs for streaming services your developers have been looking for

Our suite of APIs is built on the RESTful protocol. While our APIs come with documentation, they are provided with documented Swagger interfaces, simplifying the process for your developers. These APIs are the very same that we use in-house to develop white-labelled music and streaming apps. Thus, if you see features in these applications, you can be assured that our APIs can provide the same functionality. Their cloud infrastructure and OWASP-compliant design make it quick and straightforward to generate and scale a platform that can reliably handle the demands of audio and music streaming along with video and live streaming.

500+ APIs built around 4 pillars: Metadata, Streaming Services, Authentication and Management
  • Catalogue rights management
  • Full-length audio or video and preview clips
  • Live video channel and event management
  • Automatic video quality delivery (based on bandwidth)
  • Advanced search
  • Recommendations and relationships between tracks
  • Support for authors and credits
  • Video and audio playlist curation & management
  • User subscription management
  • Authentication
  • Image manipulation engine (in any size)
  • Enhanced metadata and artwork delivery
  • Data Analytics
  • Monthly reporting for rights holders

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