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White Labelled Video Streaming Platform

Video streaming is a growing component of how musicians, creators and brands connect with their audience. Whether live-streamed or on-demand, using video to reach out and touch audiences big and small is reshaping how we all engage with entertainment, education, and everything in between.

Developing a video streaming functionality using our technology within your platform is a sure way to create legions of committed users. Whether they’re looking to you for music clips, interviews, live feeds of concerts and sporting events, vlogs, digital fitness classes or even executive summaries of their next reads – having access to on-demand and live-streamed content is going to help you make that connection.


Build a video streaming platform that users will love

Music and audio go hand in hand with streamed visual content. If you’ve done the work to create a platform that facilitates the listening experience – you’ll be blown away by what is made possible by incorporating video into your project. We can help you develop video streaming capabilities that will inspire legions of committed users and increase dwell time on your service.


Video streaming – Build an app that engages your audience

Tuned Global can help you develop exactly the functionality you need to meet your audience with the content they want, the way they want it.
  • Build short format on-demand video streaming
  • Enable live connections between artists and fans
  • Generate opportunities to create and share video content
We’re here to help you quickly build and scale your platform – and do that with white labelled solutions that have been proven across music and video streaming platforms the world over, from startups to Enterprises.
Live video streaming

Let your users see into the lives of their favourite artists or attend one of their virtual concerts. Or give them live access to their favourite sports or fitness training. If it’s happening live, we can help you make it available on your platform and push a whole new level of user engagement. You can use our in-built monetisation system that allows your users to pay-per-play or engage with content via a subscription.

On-demand video streaming

For music clips, vlogs, interviews, digital fitness classes or even educational content – on-demand video streaming makes it possible for your users to see what they want to see, when they want to see it. Make it happen with Tuned Global.


Artist Generated Video Content

The team here at Tuned Global have developed a unique UGC tool (user generated content) called Stakkar that you can incorporate into the platform for a next-generation level of interaction between artists, influencers, brand ambassadors and users of your platform.

See it as a Tik Tok or Instagram Live, for the music industry. Your ambassadors can record very short videos and share them instantly with their fans. The video will automatically play in between tracks for the pleasure of your streaming app users.
A Stakkar clip has a limited lifespan – just like on Snapchat. So it’s always kept current and topical. And any video posted can be moderated before being published, if required.

Reach out to us to discover our next-generation white labelled video streaming technology.

We can help you create your own video streaming functions into your music streaming app
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