Music & Audio features

Tuned Global’s Music & Audio Streaming Technology

With the help of leading audio streaming hosting providers like Tuned Global, own & launch your branded audio or music streaming service and allow users to stream audio on their mobile devices across multiple countries.

Music, podcasts, audio books, inspirational talks or radio, you can do it all on one single platform using Tuned Global’s ready built applications or by integrating with our set of API’s.


Create your own music streaming app or link to a current project

Is your existing app failing at enabling full streaming capabilities for your customers? Maybe you don’t even have an app yet and your dream of bringing music to your niche market is still in its infancy?

Either way, we can assist by simply talking to our team of experts. Our awarded audio streaming software comes with the most current features already available in mainstreaming mass streaming services in the market.

Music features

Whether you are only looking at building full on-demand music streaming capabilities or a semi-interactive music service (DMCA compliant), our modular streaming technology allows you that flexibility. Your users can access music by Playlists, Mixes, Albums, Artists. We also support programmatic radio and live radio.

Audio features

Our streaming technology allows you to distribute and monetise your podcasts, inspirational talks or audiobooks, to organise the episodes in a way that makes sense to the users and to share information about the author of the content. Your users will be able to restart exactly where they left off for a seamless user experience.

Other music & audio features
  • Media Player: Allow users to Favourite, Share, Skip, Shuffle, Play/Pause, Like/Dislike, Replay, Fast advance (scrub) and read the lyrics. 
  • Search: Users will be able to search for all their favourites and maybe find some new content they’ve never witnessed, using search fields like Hits, Albums, Songs, Mixes, Playlists, Artists, Podcasts, Radio, and Audiobooks to narrow down the hunt.
  • Offline: Being able to use audio streaming technology offline is a big bonus as users won’t always have access to a decent mobile or wifi connection. Music and other audio content is able to be pre downloaded securely and listened to whenever the user wants.
  • My Content: In our custom music streaming app software your users can keep their most loved audio at their fingertips with the ability to manage their favourite content, view listening history and create their very own playlists. Users will also be recommended content that they might like thanks to our powerful recommendation engine.

Why Choose Tuned Global as your audio streaming hosting partner?

We have delivered wide consumer engagement using the power of music for many businesses across the globe and given them the opportunity to see the results they had previously never thought possible. Tuned Global have pioneered the technology and gained the expertise to quickly develop, launch and scale your music streaming service or project using our branded applications or music API’s.

Established in 2011, we are the b2b music services company you partner with to develop simple, fast and enticing streaming platforms. Our full turnkey solutions incorporate music content catalogue, branded app, music APIs, awarded cloud-based technology, licensor reporting, marketing capabilities, billing and licensing consulting.

We can help you create your music streaming app or offer any other types of audio streaming technology
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