Music Content Management System

Manage entire libraries of content quickly and easily

Streaming platforms are geared around making music and visual content accessible, so it’s essential that you have a reliable content management system in place. Tuned Global can equip your product team with a feature rich CMS that allows them to manage your streaming service libraries and content in a few clicks – making it easy to ensure your listeners have access to the content they want.


Manage your streaming app front-end

The branded music and audio apps we deliver to our clients are not designed to be static. For a truly next-level user experience, you need to make use of features that put the music your listeners want to hear right where they want it. Using our AUTOTUNED CMS software, you can quickly and easily customise the user experience in real time.

  • EDITORIAL - Change the homepage layout, add content shelves in existing pages, create new pages, drag and drop content, place ads as you see fit and localise the content of your app.
  • USERS - Create a range of subscription packages, manage user rights, view individual usage, message users via in app messaging and more.

Manage your Music, Audio and Video Database

  • CATALOGUE - Manage inbound content, promote new releases, curate playlists, create tags, categorise your content, and auto-scrape the web for specific tags to find matches within your catalogue.
  • METADATA - Each track we ingest in your service comes with enriched metadata, including BPM, Key and standardized groups of genres. You can choose our turnkey system or plug additional third-party metadata providers. Use our advanced playlisting tool to find tracks in our CMS and generate playlists in a few clicks.
Discover how you can personalise your streaming service content and manage your music catalogue
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