Scalable and Fast Backend

Design your platform to grow with seamless video and music streaming

For start-up streaming platforms, the focus can sometimes get a little narrow as you battle to generate a minimum viable product (MVP) and get it to market. But you should always be thinking about what you can do to ensure that your platform can grow once it starts finding traction.

Tuned Global’s backend technology is the answer you’re looking for when it comes to developing  streaming infrastructure that can scale on-demand, to match even the most rapid growth into local and international markets.


A cutting-edge cloud infrastructure with CDN streaming servers

A robust and scalable infrastructure is the foundation of any solid music streaming service. You simply cannot afford to compromise on this aspect of your platform build if you want to grow. Tuned Global created INTELLIX, the next-generation cloud based scalable streaming infrastructure which expands instantly when you need it.

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support the development and growth of our client’s music streaming platforms – the same IT Infrastructure provider that hosts popular streaming businesses like Spotify and Netflix.

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Why choose Tuned Global streaming infrastructure for your music, audio, video and live-streaming needs?

  • Fast and reliable AWS Cloud infrastructure Platform technology
  • A serverless streaming environment with automated scaling management
  • Integrated with multiple CDN partners to deliver reputational security
  • Handle huge spikes of app installs during large marketing campaigns
  • Save on the time and cost of maintaining your own streaming architecture
  • Cloud based hosting, storage, database server, transcoding server, firewall, streaming server and CDN all out-of-the-box with our white label streaming app

Simply run your music, video and live streaming platform without having to worry about the hassles that goes behind it.


Grow on-demand and optimise your costs

Our 100% cloud system offers flexibility, and the opportunity to scale without having to build out an internal resource to support that growth. INTELLIX's elastic scalability handled spikes of over 40,000 app installs per hour of the Nada Kita music app, ensuring constant availability during a large marketing campaign.

We are able to pass on significant savings on infrastructure cost as we automatically scale our platform according to demand. This highly scalable infrastructure is a unique offering that enables our clients to execute faster in a seamless manner and supports unlimited listeners.

Discover our forward-thinking streaming infrastructure to build a platform that can scale
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