Let’s talk ‘How to Start a Streaming Service Successfully’

Spotify and Apple Music are mainstream music streaming services. Niche and branded streaming services are now enabling the industry to grow & innovate... The question is, how do you bring your streaming idea to life?!

Stream by Stream unlocks the secrets to setting up, running and growing a legal and awesome streaming service.

Spiro Arkoudis, CRO at Tuned Global, discusses with key executives and influencers from the streaming and music industry, the key aspects of amplifying an organisation’s ability to succeed when using this unique digital platform.



Each episode delivers expert insights, covering a range of topics from product positioning & differentiation, customer engagement & monetisation, through to content licensing & curation, technology, growth marketing and user retention.

Asia-Pacific music industry veteran, Sylvain Delange explains what labels expect from new local DSPs
  • What are the differences between a Record Label and a Music Distributor such as Believe?
  • What are labels expecting from new DSPs who want to license their catalogue?
  • International catalogue VS local catalogue, is the niche approach the best? Examples in Southeast Asia.
Digital music pioneer, Keith Bernstein goes through the process of Music Licensing and  Publishing
  • Publishing & PRO's - how do they work and how do you make sure you get it right?
  • Do you need to license both record labels & music publishers? And PROs?
  • How can new music streaming services avoid the pitfalls of content licensing?
Music Metadata expert Jean-Luc Biaulet demystifies the role of enriched metadata for the industry
  • What are the risks of inaccurate or sloppy metadata?
  • How do Deezer and other digital music services boost user engagement through enriched music metadata?
  • What criteria should a DSP look at when they are looking for a metadata provider?
Leading female music tech entrepreneur, Hazel Savage tells us about AI and Music
  • What is Artificial Intelligence in a digital music world?
  • How does AI help personalisation and user engagement for a streaming service?
  • How have companies such as Epidemic Sound improved their user experience using Musiio AI music technology?

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Master Rights Licensing process - what record labels are expecting from music streaming services?


Building and launching a music streaming service with a small team


Lyrics take centre stage in streaming music - how to implement them technically and legally?

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How will you succeed in today’s competitive streaming environment?

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