Build your custom streaming app with our services

Enlist the expertise of a music orientated streaming technology company like Tuned Global to fast track your music streaming project. We are able to deliver a fully built front-end application connected to our backends (turnkey solutions) or we can provide our full suite of documented Music APIs to power your custom audio and video streaming app

White Label Mobile App

For clients who require iOS and Android mobile applications ready to go including, brandable front-end, content delivery, rights management, subscription tiers, billing, reporting, feature settings and cloud infrastructure. This service is our full end-to-end branded app streaming solution.
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Music Service APIs

For companies who have developed their own front-end applications and want to enhance the music experience for their users by integrating with Tuned Global’s Music API’s. This option is built around five pillars: Rights Management, Content Delivery, User Functionality, Analytics and Service Management
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For companies who have their broader app development under control but require audio and metadata assets, rights management, metadata updates and access to audio, video and image assets on demand, ultimately working towards more efficient delivery of content.
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Music Licensing Consultancy

A full consultancy service to help our clients navigate the complex music licensing space and ensure the correct rights are in place in each territory. We facilitate the discussions and negotiations with the Record Labels. Take advantage of our 20 years working with the music industry.
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A end-to-end B2B streaming platform validated by the industry

Our full turnkey music platform is ready to go, including all the features out of the box. We offer an end-to-end solution, ready for monetisation, all controlled from a single CMS, with powerful marketing tools and no coding required.

Designed to engage users via


Made to empower businesses


Tailored to labels and artists needs

  • Direct licensor reporting
  • Contribute to official charts
  • Content security
  • Metadata and tagging
  • Promotion tools

A fast, simple and easy solution to building your custom music streaming app

The team at Tuned Global share a passion for creating optimised platforms that take music and video streaming capabilities to the music lovers across the globe. Our philosophy of ‘don’t think – just play’ means our clients can focus on marketing their services and leave the tech to the experts, and the end-users can access music easily.

We can help you build an app with music, audio, video or live streaming.
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