TURNKEY Music solution

Launching a music service that creates engagement and revenue for your business is now FAST & EASY!

Our full turnkey music platform is ready to go, including all the features out of the box. We offer an end-to-end solution, ready for monetisation, all controlled from a single CMS, with powerful marketing tools and no coding required.

Designed to engage users

  • Best in class music features (playlists, offline, search, shuffle play, lyrics…)
  • Recommendation engine (Music DNA)
  • Editorial capabilities
  • iOS and Android
  • Local and international content
  • Multi-language

Made to empower businesses

  • Branding
  • Analytics and data
  • Monetisation: in-app advertising, subscriptions, carrier billing, credit card, vouchers, multi-currency
  • Marketing ready: coupons, messaging, attribution platform, targeting
  • Content Management

Tailored to labels’ needs

  • Direct reporting
  • Contribute to official charts
  • Content security
  • Metadata and tagging
  • Promotion tools


We can support your music licensing needs and help with fast delivery of catalogues for your service.

4 types of white label music streaming capabilities

Brand Music Campaign

This solution has been designed for brands who want to use music streaming in an acquisition and retention campaign. Simple voucher capabilities allow brands to distribute free music to their customers, who can access preset music mixes with new content pushed each day/week. It’s the perfect solution for a single label exclusive deal.

Low Tier
Programmatic Radio

Also known as a semi-interactive music service or Internet Radio, it adjusts to users' preferences thanks to our Music DNA algorithm. The user starts playing from a programmed mix, or from any artist, and the more they play, the more it learns. It doesn't require a huge music catalogue, and is the perfect solution for non-music experts who are looking for a lean back experience.

Mid Tier
Hybrid Music Service

Half way between a Low Tier service and a Full Streaming music service, users get the most commonly used features of an on-demand service, such as play from a specific song or offline, but they don't pay for advanced capabilities that non-music experts don't really use. It’s the perfect solution to innovate in the current music streaming landscape; offering something different.

Full Tier
Full Streaming Music

Also called an on-demand music service, this allows listeners to access a particular song immediately and listen to it as many times as they want - just like Spotify. It requires a large music catalogue, and best fits the needs of the music expert audience who want to be able to build their own playlists manually.


Our philosophy is “Don’t think - Just play”

This ethos is evident in how users can access music, but also the tools that we provide to allow our clients to manage that process. We allow clients to make their own initial decisions on whether they want a lower cost turnkey offering, or perhaps a much greater degree of control.

Basics: Like/Dislike, Favourite, Play/Pause, Recommendations, Sharing on Social Media
Radio / Pre-set music mixes
Shuffle play
My Music / Favourites
Skip songs   (Limited to 6 per hour)
Search   (Mixes & Artists) (Low Tier + Songs & Albums)
Offline     (Limited to few mixes/albums)
Play any song    
Create a Playlist      
Fast advance / timeline scrub      
We can provide part of the solution (backend APIs and functions) or we can deliver fully built front-end applications connected to our backends (turnkey solutions). The requirement varies from client to client and is dependent on their internal teams, skills and core requirements.

3 more reasons that make our music streaming solutions unique...


#1 Reskinnable frontend

Our line of turnkey products are white label offerings, and in contrast to the majority of our competitors we offer frontend deployment and customisation. We have the ability to rebrand the music app to match your brand identity, as well as to customise the experience for a specific country or region. Personalisation options include colour scheme, logo, playlist covers, content and language.

We can also work with your own UI if required.


#2 Customer insights

Our service analytics dashboards help you understand your users and support your Business Intelligence. The provision of timely and accurate reporting enables you to make the best business decisions. Tuned Global provides a variety of reports:

  • Mobile app analytics
    # User Behaviour: New Users, Active Users, Pages, Retention, Engagement
    # User Profile: Location, Devices, Gender
    Our apps come with Google Firebase and Facebook analytics but we can easily connect to your own analytics platform such as Adobe analytics.
  • Catalogue analytics
    # Content performances: stream activity, content popularity, average listening minutes
    # Label and Publishing Reports: charts, market shares, streams
    Discover more about our technology RAPPORT
  • Financial report

#3 Marketing Ready

  • Customisable, segmented and localised mobile push notifications, in-app messages, emails
  • Coupon and voucher engine to run discounts and offers
  • Competition engine
  • Stakkar, our patented technology, to push audio and video communication in between tracks
  • Deeplinks to drive users to a specific part of the app from our external ads
  • Referral links to build sharing campaigns and measure performances
  • Facebook integration and custom audience
  • Attribution platform

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