A global catalogue of music and metadata, served by a robust and scalable technology designed for music streaming needs

MUSIC DNA - Recommendation engine

Tuned Global enhances the music experience in our white label music services by giving consumers music suggestions that are relevant and targeted to their preferences. In metadata-poor environments such as South East Asia, we realised that we needed to develop our own algorithms in order to provide better user engagement. Thus Music DNA was born. Fusing music analytics, tags, human input, Wilson Scores and Jaccard Indexes, this mashup of various recommendation techniques ensures that music suggestions are much closer to what users like to listen to, and are less predictable and binary as some other systems on the market.

Our music intelligence system works equally well for Asian, European and US based artists.

INTAGA - Fast music content delivery

Our music catalogue is managed by our own software, called INTAGA. It provides queue management, ingestion, data transformation and asset creation.

Through this technology, Tuned Global is able to ingest a massive volume of incoming files from record labels and deliver content in the appropriate format to our clients.

For Line Music Japan, we were able to ingest many millions of audio tracks over a 24-hour period; our systems scaling automatically to achieve a tight deadline.

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INTELLIX - scalable infrastructure

Tuned Global uses the same IT Infrastructure provider - Amazon Web Services (AWS) that hosts popular streaming businesses like Spotify and Netflix.

Our 100% cloud system offers a highly scalable infrastructure and automated deployments which is key to success in a fast expanding music streaming era. This unique offering enables our clients to execute faster in a seamless manner and supports unlimited listeners.

INTELLIX's elastic scalability handled spikes of over 40,000 app installs per hour of the Nada Kita music app, ensuring constant availability during a large marketing campaign.

AUTOTUNE CMS - manage the app front end

Our music applications are not designed to be static. The CMS provided is the heart of how our clients are able to manage their service. Utilising our CMS, you can customise your applications in real time. Typically this may include:

  • Editorial: drag and drop, change layouts, add content shelves in existing pages, create new pages, place ad slots...
  • Catalogue: manage inbound content and promote it, curate playlists, create your own tags, categorise your content, auto scrape the web based on a specific tags and find matches within your catalogue, split or merge artists...
  • Users: create subscription packages, manage user rights, view individual usage, message users via in app messaging...
Music API

Our APIs are built around 4 specific pillars: Metadata, Music Services, Authentication and Management.

Built as RESTful APIs with all the functionality required to build and manage a music streaming service, they are also OWASP compliant. Our APIs power both our white label music platform as well as bespoke UX, and can be opened to clients who need to build their own music service.

Modular application

Our application is built with modularity at the forefront. For each service we can set up items such as OS, Branding, Authentication, User Rights, Subscription Tiers, Telco Billing, Analytics, etc.

Features are turned on/off depending on the type of music streaming service required. In addition, users of our white label services benefit from the frequent release of new features.


We offer solutions to monetise your music app, from audio advertising (Triton) and programmatics (Admob), to recurring subscriptions (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) and one-time sales.

Payment can be offered in multiple currencies, by credit card, direct carrier billing, via app stores, custom integrations or vouchers. We can even customise your purchase flows.

RAPPORT - Reporting & Analytics

Reporting is split between Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting and Core Activity Reporting.

In regards to BI, we allow our clients to drill down into their data via AWS Quicksight, Amazon's external analytics application.We connect Quicksight to a separate data repository, which has been optimised for delivering BI reporting.

In addition, we have developed our own Core Activity Reporting software, called RAPPORT. RAPPORT creates monthly stream reports, customised per label, as well as publishing reports as required. RAPPORT auto generates these reports within minutes of end of month and publishes directly to label-accessible areas.


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