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APIs for Music, Audio & Video streaming services

Whether you have already made significant strides in the development of your platform, or you’re seeking to save precious time from the outset – Tuned Global is here to help.

Our years of experience in the development and delivery of turnkey music solutions has given us plenty of time to develop a full suite of music APIs for our clients and their developers to draw on.


The APIs for streaming services your developers have been looking for

We can provide you with the complete answer, or we can simply step in to help you manage your platform's interaction with content sources and integrations. Working with Tuned Global means having access to software architecture that delivers. Our team can enable you to produce an elite music streaming experience for your users – and our suite of music APIs is a big part of how we’ve done that for each and every one of our clients.


Generate brilliant user experiences with streaming APIs

No two platforms are ever the same, but there are common features that most will be striving to incorporate. Our suite of RESTful APIs is capable of enabling a seamless experience for your users across:
  • Playlist curation and management
  • Full length audio and preview clip streaming
  • Analytics driven recommendations and search
  • User-driven subscription management
  • Multimedia content: music, video, live, podcast, audiobooks, radio, UGC

The five pillars of building a streaming software architecture that delivers

Whether you already have a service up and running, or you’re just starting out, the use of field-tested audio, video and music streaming specific APIs is a great way to eliminate uncertainty and risk. We can help you ensure that you platform has:

Our suite of APIs is built on the RESTful protocol. These APIs are the very same that we use in-house to develop white labelled turnkey music streaming platforms that deliver for our clients. Their cloud infrastructure and OWASP compliant design make it quick and simple to generate and scale a platform that can reliably handle the demands of audio and music streaming along with video and live streaming.
Case Study

How telco True Digital added music to their app and saved a year lead time by integrating with a Streaming Service API

True Digital Group, a division of Thailand’s largest telco wanted to add a better music offer to their TrueID entertainment app. Using Tuned Global’s music streaming APIs and app source code, they were able to fully integrate a music streaming service in their existing app including functionality such as user management, search, and recommendations. Within 3 months the MAU and user engagement were starting to increase.

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We can facilitate greater interoperability for your platform. Ask for  our music streaming api documentation

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