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Thai music streaming app Plern took on Spotify, Apple Music & YouTube

Never heard of Plern? Here’s how an upstart Thai streaming music platform quickly topped 1 million app downloads despite heavy competition from Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. The Tuned Global-powered platform launched just a few months ago.

Digital Music News published an in-deep case study following an interview with Asawin ‘Ant’ Rojmethatawee, EVP of Music Streaming Business at GMM Grammy and head of Plern

How are telcos taking advantage of music streaming to increase ARPU?

Music is an effective marketing tool - and in 2021, no one knows that better than mobile network operators. Telcos have been bundling their phone plans with music streaming service subscriptions for almost as long as the format has existed. But as they wake up to the advantages of bolting music-related content onto their existing offerings, some are even going one step further by launching their very own music streaming apps. 

Music Business Worldwide have interviewed Tuned Global CRO, Spiro Arkoudis to discuss the opportunities and challenges for mobile network providers who want to enter the music game and how companies such as mJams and True Digital are doing it.

How enriched music metadata can boost the engagement of your streaming service?

In this episode of Stream by Stream, Spiro Arkoudis, CRO of Tuned Global demystifies the role of enriched metadata for the music streaming industry with Jean-Luc Biaulet, co-creator of Music Story.

What are the risks of inaccurate or sloppy metadata? How do Deezer and other digital music services boost user engagement through enriched music metadata? What criteria should a DSP (Digital Service Provider) look at when they are looking for a metadata provider?