Case Study


How fitness brand Psycle delivers highly engaging digital workouts by providing a powerful music playlisting app to their instructors


What is Psycle?

What started as a single ride studio in the centre of London has now become a multifaceted global health and fitness brand like no other, with several studios and a digital product. With Psycle At Home you can access immersive video class workouts which integrates commercial music to create a unique customer experience.



Not allowed to use Spotify for digital classes


Risk of using unlicensed music


Technicality of synching music with video


Search tracks and build playlists

In an increasingly competitive digital fitness culture, a quality music experience is key to Psycle’s ability to deliver its customers high quality on demand and live classes. However they faced several key challenges:

  • They wanted to enable their instructors to easily design and structure playlists adapted to each workout
  • They needed to ensure the music used in their digital classes was licensed and streamed legally
  • The integration of the music catalogue was so complex, it was nearly impossible to do on their own


Psycle partnered with Tuned Global to overcome these challenges and bring a best-in-class music solution to their digital fitness classes:

  1. Leveraging existing licensing expertise and by connecting Psycle with music labels, Tuned Global helped Psycle finalise licensing with all major labels
  2. Tuned Global customised their white labeled fitness app to Psycle’s brand
  3. Using Tuned Global’s proprietary technology, we removed the resource intensive and complex task of distributing licensed content to instructors via our app
  4. Instructors were then provided access to the app where they could access licensed music, search tracks (BPM, Key, keywords, genres...) and create playlists
  5. Deployed export function to allow instructors to download playlists, and add them to their production suite for integration into their digital classes

“The success of our instudio product has been built on the foundations of great music. Access to commercial content on our digital platform will allow us to deliver the best possible user experience, when combined with our industry leading instructors will ensure we stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. Tuned Global technology will allow us to achieve this in a short time frame.”

David Watt, CEO - Psycle

Their results


Music app ready in less than 8 weeks


Licensing from Major Record labels


Ease to create relevant playlists for instructors


Direct reporting to rights holders

Psycle was able to deploy an app with licensed, quality music, easy for their Instructors to use creating a unique music experience their customers love!

  • SPEED TO MARKET - Psycle was able to go to market 2x faster with a fraction of the resources
  • QUALITY OF MUSIC - Psycle was able to deliver top quality music experience for their customer
  • DE-RISK - Psycle no longer at risk of instructors using unlicensed music
  • EASE OF USE - Psycle's instructors love their new total music management control!
  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - Psycle’s customers enjoy the greatest music experience in their fitness classes

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