Case Study


How gaming app FanLabel reduced their costs and improved user experience by switching their backend music technology


What is FanLabel?

FanLabel is a pioneering fantasy record label app that keeps record labels at the forefront of the music world. The game invites its users to become their own music mogul and grow a successful fantasy record label by identifying trends within their favourite genres and the next hit songs.

FanLabel takes the success of fantasy sports and brings it to music.

Player choices determine how their in-game music label performs. And the music trends they are trying to stay out in front of are tracked directly from real listener activity! It’s an innovative new way to generate engagement with new and emerging artists, and record labels to identify coming trends.

The Challenges

icons_access to

Access to new music releases in a timely manner


Back-end cost optimisation

icons_meta data

Enhanced access to enriched metadata and user insights


Seamless migration from old back-end technology

FanLabel were exploring ways to reduce their costs by optimising their music technology backend. As the music industry moves at a rapid pace, FanLabel needed new songs to be delivered in their service as they were released, without delay. The transition to a new music technology backend provider also needed to be seamless for the thousands of users currently using the app. Mobile app user engagement always suffers through down periods, so it was crucial that the shift to Tuned Global music technology was achieved without interruption.

The Solution

FanLabel already had an existing app – what they needed from Tuned Global was a revamp of the software that feeds it live data, helps manage music ingestion and manage rights holder reporting. Our experience as a provider of top-quality streaming solutions, and our suite of existing software, put us head and shoulders ahead of the competition.

Tuned Global opened up capabilities for FanLabel by: 

  • Ingestion and delivering millions of tracks.
  • Managing new releases, takedowns or re-deliveries on time.
  • Facilitating better content rights management and licensing.
  • Granting access to enriched metadata.
  • Automating reports to rights holders

“In the short time we have been working with Tuned Global, we have found them to be an invaluable partner. Their quality and service level is amazing, they were highly cost-effective for us as a start-up and the technology really works. All the important metrics of registrations, engagements and downloads continue heading in the right direction and moving forward, we look forward to substantial scale and growth with them.”

Jeff Sloane
- Founder and CEO, FanLabel

Their results

icons_Rapid transition

A rapid 10 day transition between backend technologies


No more delays in new releases and take down 


The platform saw a concurrent growth of 20-30% in new users

icons_millions of tracks

Millions of tracks from Major Labels 

Tuned Global was able to assist FanLabel in transitioning between backend technologies seamlessly and without down time. The user experience was significantly improved with better metadata, allowing players to have instant access to new releases

Additionally, the FanLabel team worked concurrently on the frontend and overall gameplay. This allowed them to achieve strong retention rates of existing users and see a rapid growth of 20-30% in downloads, registrations and engagement.

The FanLabel team has been extremely happy with the reliability and innovation of this new technology, the reduction of the cost and the high level of customer service received from Tuned Global.

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