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Case Study


How Deedo relaunched a brand new music streaming service in 8 weeks using a white label music solution

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What is Deedo?

Deedo is a Pan African music streaming service that features predominantly African and international artists. Via an application users can access up to 12 million tracks from Senegal, Nigeria, Mali, Ivory Coast and beyond. With over 100,000 downloads worldwide, Deedo has a fanbase that is growing exponentially.


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Service stability

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New features implementation

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Technology transition 

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New countries expansion 
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Deedo came to Tuned Global after working with another music tech supplier for two years and failing to see the results they needed. They were having trouble trying rectifying a myriad of issues including the following:

  • Reliability of the app to decrease crashes
  • Streamline UX to improve user engagement
  • Move from an old technology to the new one without losing users on the way
  • Technology adapted for emerging markets such Africa, from a payment, connectivity and low-end device point of views
  • Swiftly expand into additional countries

They required the following features to be implemented as fast as possible:

  • Build smarter filtration functionality for searches, eg. artist by origin and deceased/living
  • Include user and expert DJ generated playlist function
  • Organising content by country so people from Senegal are not suggested the same content than people from Nigeria for example.
  • Choice of a NGO the user want to support (percentage of their subscription)
  • Promote additional content driven by Deedo and their experts


Deedo music streaming app was rebuilt using our white label music streaming app which allowed a very quick execution. Our app was branded to Deedo colours and all their existing content was migrated. We also came up with some recommendations of other functionalities that were available in our turnkey solution and they hadn’t even dreamt of.

We have been able to provide Deedo with all the features they required including hundreds of music playlists that are user and expert generated. Increased download capabilities have been implemented and a number of other areas have been elevated including:

  • Built custom NGO pages that user can follow and receive updates about
  • Marketing tools to segment users and send personalised messages (in-app messages, push mobile, email, SMS)
  • Homepage page personalised per country
  • App translated in every local dialect and languages

We were surprised by the quality of the responses, quality of the services [from Tuned Global]…it was quite surprising in a very good way."

Awa Girard
CEO & Founder - Deedo

Their results

icons_transition to new

Migration to new technology in 8 weeks

icons_app rating

App rating increase from 3.5 to 4.4


Features expecting for 2 years, available instantly

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Quick expansion in 6 new countries

Once our work with Deedo was complete, the improvements were clear. The two years they had lost while working unsuccessfully with another company had been restored, catching them up to where they wanted to be.

In eight short weeks, Tuned Global produced a platform that could take other companies years to build. With many new features for Deedo’s users to enjoy, positive reviews began flooding in and the app rating quickly increased from 3.5 to 4.4 stars. This rapid improvement has allowed Deedo to confidently expand their reach to six new countries.

This streaming platform now has an app that performs to the best of its abilities and provides the user with an experience that is professional and polished.

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