Fast, simple and engaging   music streaming solutions

Your 360º music technology partner to quickly launch and grow your own music streaming solutions globally.

An end-to-end B2B2C music streaming solution

We provide the platform, the music catalogue and the marketing expertise necessary for Telcos, Music Services and Brands to set up, run and grow their own music streaming platform.

  • Music library and metadata
  • Catalogue management
  • Content curation
  • Content delivery
  • Rights holder reporting
  • Licensing consultancy
  • White label music solutions
  • Music , Video and Podcast API
  • Recommendation engine (DNA)
  • Awarded scalable infrastructure
  • Awarded UX
  • Monetisation & billing
  • User acquisition
  • Retention & engagement
  • Customer support
  • Analytics & Users' data
  • App marketing expertise
  • Marketing consultancy

100% turnkey and modular for fast deployments

Our white label platform enables a new complete music streaming service to be launched within 2 weeks*. It includes all the music features out-of-the-box, ready for monetisation, all controlled from a single CMS with no coding required.

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More music features
* Subject to licensing criteria

Tuned Global by the numbers

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users using our technology
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tracks from international and independent artists
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record labels and aggregators
new-line-music-tunedglobal.png Music Content Delivery
for Line Music

Line Music was looking for a music technology company to grow their content catalogue and win market share in the Japanese streaming market in a short time frame.

Tuned Global’s unique capabilities and technology enabled Line Music to ingest millions of new tracks over a 24-hour period. This process would have taken 30 days to finish in the past - it is unique in the industry.

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new-TunedConnect_featured_Tuned-Global.png Full Streaming music service
for Samsung Music Hub

Samsung offered a music streaming service to their customers in Australia in order to add value to their devices, boost sales and differentiate their offer in a competitive market.

Tuned Global completed the project in 4 months and was nominated for the Australian Choice Awards for Streaming Platforms, for ease of use and power. It was also the #1 Music app in term of downloads on the Samsung Apps Store.

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new-Nada-Kita-Tuned-Global.png Turnkey Semi-interactive music service
for Nada Kita app

Nada Kita offers Indonesian customers the music they love for free with the first semi-interactive service in the market. The service is ad-funded and allows local brands to engage with millennials across multiple socioeconomic demographics.

Nada Kita is a real-life lab for Tuned Global. This direct to consumer service allows us to test and learn new features and marketing tactics in order to better innovate and support our B2B clients. Nada Kita has attracted over 3.5 million Indonesian users.

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