Music solution

A new mobile engagement solution to connect Customers and Brands through music

We provide a mobile engagement solution that connects Brands with users in innovative ways through the #PowerOfMusic. Using the high value product of music, Record Labels and Brands can partner to create and develop an innovative, monetised new channel.

It’s a white label music streaming app that’s ready to go, customised to the brand, with in-built innovative ideas to tailor the way it works.

  • BRAND: Engages customers and builds its business
  • LABEL: Brings innovation to Brand partners and sells content
  • USER: Gets free music, fun and relevant offers 
  • ADVERTISER: Reaches specific audience and makes sales

8 out of 10

millennials agree music is the best way to connect with them

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Music is the opportunity to get more

Music is the activator. It enables consumer engagement, data collection and personalisation – which combine to deliver new revenue for Labels and grow Brands' business.

Engage on mobile, collect data, target and personnalise through music to grow brand business

Enrich the music experience, supercharge the engagement


Add personality and exclusivity with stakkar

An all-new way for artists to connect directly with their fans. Artists record on-the-go video with their mobile, thanks to the Stakkar app and push it out instantly to fans and brand's customers who use the music app.


Competition platforms for business intelligence

Exchanging fun for data. Create in-app contests and gather data. Brands and Labels can capture valuable personal information and use that business intelligence  to further personalise and target  their communication. 


Geofencing, where and when you want it

Unique in a music app. Push geofenced place-specific notifications out to users, tailored to the Brand and targeted to the user. The possibilities are endless to capture the customer at the right place.


Don't think, just play!

An easy to use personalised music app, for people who are not music experts, customised to your brand.

  • Pre-set stations, curated by our local music experts
  • Users can create/seed their own stations (artist name or song search)
  • Like/Dislike to adapt stations to the user’s tastes
  • Sharing stations on Social Media
  • Push of instant content and offers into the app
  • Limited to 6 skips per hour
  • Ads/Communication in between tracks
  • Music video

Label + Tuned Global + Brand
Shared risks, shared revenue

A unique low-risk business model, where everybody wins
Brand - SPC Mobile

We have been using music for many years to build our brand perception, and Tuned Global brings that to the next step. Free music is a great incentive to acquire new customers. We benefit from a new way to communicate with them, and to gather deep data that helps us to tailor relevant offers.

Raymond Tedjokusumo - General Manager
Label - Musica Studios

Tuned Global provides extraordinary opportunities for labels and artists. It allows us to stream our extensive music catalogue to Indonesian music fans, helping artists connect with fans in a more personal way, while monetising our content and enabling us to partner with brands.

Gumilang Ramadhan - Managing Director
Partner - Triton Digital

With our technology, Tuned Global provides a best-in-class ad solution and an unbeatable listening experience across its white label mobile music apps, helping advertisers to connect with their target audience in meaningful and significant ways.

Benjamin Masse - SVP/GM of Advertising

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